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French Dukan Diet


French Dukan Diet .. important information about

Our theme touches to the French Dukan Diet, devised by the French nutritionist Pierre Dukan several years ago. And the success of the accursed was confined Bafrencaat who Astkhaddmenh to lose their weight and enjoy high gracefully

So what is the Dukan diet and what they offer in terms of weight loss?

Is a diet largely depends on the intake of protein, which is known for burning large amounts of calories without loss of muscles, including the accursed four rich phases of the food contents of protein and poverty carbohydrates, according to the inventor of the accursed it helps you lose weight and reach the ideal weight after the expiry of the four stages.

This stage also includes the accursed install weight so that this stage will help not to return the lost weight.

What reliable Dukan Diet, in particular?
Oat bran is the most important contained in the French Dukan Diet, in addition to eating protein and drink water and walk for 20 minutes every day.

With regard to calories, this diet does not give importance to quantity, as it allows him to eat junk food as long as the protein only. And give you a chance Dukan Diet weight loss a lot since the first phase, while ensuring the end of the feeling of hunger after the third day of this stage.

The four phases of the Dukan Diet

The first phase (phase attack):
Dukan fired at this stage of being considered a surprise attack plan for the body to lose weight, in particular, rely on eating nearly 68 varieties of foods and foods rich in protein and poor in fat except lamb.

The duration of this phase of five days, it can be longer or shorter depending on the desire to lose weight, you will want a reduction in weight 5 kg only the first phase extends for five days only, and so forth. It is essential to body weight before you start following this accursed and which to determine the time required.

Also during this phase, you should eat a spoonful and a half of oat bran in addition to drink a liter and a half of water a day and walk for 20 minutes during the day.

The second phase (hold) phase:

It is intended this label continuation of the weight to fall.

At this stage, you should start eating vegetables while minimizing the intake of whole grains and fruits. As it is necessary to adhere to eat foods rich in protein and poor in fat, and allowed during this phase to take approximately 28 varieties of non-starchy vegetables except corn, potatoes, carrots and peas.

How you lose at this point?
Taksrinh the total weight of the second stage up to kg every three days, during which you eat two tablespoons of oat bran a day with protein intake on protein and vegetables with the last day for the duration of the stage.


Do not forget the need for follow-up drink plenty of water and walk for 20 minutes a day.



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